Lake Vouliagmeni wedding | Sophia & Michael

Another landmark along the Athens Riviera is the unique Limni Vouliagmeni.The direct translation is the sunken lake. The lake lies pretty on the basin of Athens Riviera, a hidden rocky gem on the Athenian Coast sure to make for a super special venue for an Athens wedding.

Deep orange stone formations engulf what is a mineral spa reported to have many healing properties with mysterious underwated passages and a mesmerizing ambiance about it and looking extremely attractive at night with the orange rocks lit up by floodlights.

Sophia and Michael came all the way from the UK along with close friends and family to rejoyce their big day. Both a from Greek origin,Sophia born in South Africa and Michael in the UK.



“The rocks create an outstanding landscape which we thought would be the ideally lit backdrop to the super elegant and tree laced venue on the lake.”

— Sophia & Michael